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TFA-Joint Time-frequency analysis


Short description

With age, by disease or due to an acoustic trauma, the Hearing decreases. In most cases the high sound frequencies are particularly affected. But even the lower or certain individual frequencies can be insensitive and disturb the sound.
About the status of the hearing the audiogram gives the information, that is eg created by the otolaryngologist.

How would it be, if your favorite music, audiobooks and any sound material would sound like before, when the hearing was still intact?
Hearing Corrector can contribute to this a large extent - in a few steps:

1. Enter your audiogram for the left and right ear, or if you do not have the audiogram, use the equalizer to subjective modification or both.

2. Load sound files in Hearing Corrector and

3. Calculate and store a corrected version that is compensating your hearing deficiencies.

Enjoy the new sound, which sounds like earlier days ...
We hope you enjoy using this software in new and old sound dimensions.

Please read the manual for a further information.

Manual and further information

Manual (english): hearingcorrector_docu_english.pdf [896 KB]

Bedienungsanleitung (deutsch): hearingcorrector_doku_deutsch.pdf [841 KB]


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